Building Essential Skills For Your Life Sciences Career 2016

Instructor: Samir Balala

Basics of Negotiation

April 13, 2016

6:30-9 pm

​Many business interactions involve a negotiation of some kind. How the negotiations go depends on identification of your goals and limits prior to the interaction. As with every business communication, the key is planning and flexibility.

Protein Purification II

SAugust 13, 20, 27, 2016

Quality 102

SJuly 13, 20, 27 & August 3, 2016

Building Essential Skills For Your Life Science Career

Instructor: Samir Balala

Claiming Your Strengths

March 9 2016

6:30-9 pm


​​​Claiming Your Strengths starts with the identification of your key strengths- what you love to do, and your weaknesses- what you hate to do.  Strategies are then presented by which you can enhance your career by working your strengths to advantage while minimizing the impact of your weaknesses.

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Business Communication

Instructors: Ted Maker,and Jeff Davis

Jan 16 and 23, 2016
10 am- 4pm each day

New workshop in September 2016

Communication is the number one challenge in almost every industry. This course will address communication from an organizational and an individual perspective. Communications in business will be analyzed and methods of addressing communications challenges will be discussed. Individual habits of communication will also be analyzed and strategies for effective messaging will be presented.

Business Communication

September 10 & 17, 2016

Ready For Success

​Instructor: Jeff Davis

Held Dec 2014 and Jan 2015
next class TBD
2 pm- 6 pm each weekday
Westfield Wheaton
11002 Viers Mill Road, Wheaton 
​The Ready for Success course is designed to help people adopt the essential workplace skills that companies demand when hiring, retaining, and advancing quality employees.  Participants of the program will gain a better understanding of the employer’s perspective, practical skills, and the “bottom line” in key essential business skill areas.


Instructors: Matthew McCoy

November 14 2015 
10 am-2 pm 

This workshop provides an introduction to purposes and methods in modern bioinformatics. The course is taught by a chief bioinformatics specialist at KeyGene Inc and will feature a "meet the expert lunch" sandwiched between two informative 1.5 hour sessions.

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Introduction to Drug Development: Overview of the Clinical Trials Process

December 3 & 10, 2016

Process Improvement

Instructors: Robert Semambo, Mike Smith and Ronald Kelley

February 28 and March 7, 2015
10 am-4 pm each day
Technical and academic training does not usually include the logic of process and product development. The course will describe how a process can be improved from targeted and judicious experiments. Both upstream and downstream process development problems will be considered.

Building Essential Skills For Your Life Sciences Career 2015

Instructors: Jeff Davis, Samir Balala, Wes Russ, Lori Kelman, Deb McLaughlin​

Sept 24, Oct 1,8,15 - 2015



This team-taught course provides several perspectives on the essential workplace skills that lead to success and career advancement.  Participants of the program will learn how to succeed in a changing environment, become the go-to person, maintain a productive mindset, thrive in a multi-generational and multi-cultural workplace, and embrace the company culture.

Protein Purification II

Instructors: Tom Kort, Dan Stringer

August 6, 13 and 20 (tentative)
10 am- 4 pm each day ​
BE025 and BE012

This workshop will focus on the method of Protein Purification on Bio-Rad NGC instruments. Some knowledge of protein structure and function and purification methods is required.

Building Essential Skills: Speaking in the Spotlight Parts 2 and 3

October 19, November 2, 2016

Building Essential Skills For Your Life Science Career 2016

Instructor: Samir Balala

High Stakes Conversations

May 18 2016

6:30-9 pm


New modules in July 2016

Many conversations have significant outcomes: interviews, reviews, negotiations. Because the stakes are so high, we fear the outcome, tend to put off the conversation, and are not adequately prepared for it. This workshop defines methods for turning potentially confrontational events into constructive dialogues that accomplish the business goals.

Green Belt Process Improvement
Instructor:  Ronald Kelley

May 9 and 16 2015
10 am- 4 pm each day
​​​Green Belt is a term used to describe moderate proficiency in regulated process improvement based on Six Sigma principles. Yellow belt and green belt certification are company-specific certifications based on internal criteria. The training will describe, in introductory format, the principles of Six Sigma, the advantages of such a system, and the disadvantages of such a system. The student will learn what to expect from green belt training and be able to make a judgment on whether or not training at that level or implementation of such a process is appropriate in their organizations. The concepts of Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Design of experiments (DOE), Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) will be defined.

Introduction to Drug Development         

Instructor:  Tina Motalleb Zadeh

November 5 and 12, 2016 (tentative)
9 am- 4 pm each day

This course is designed for people with undergraduate or graduate level education and provides instruction on the overall process of drug development and clinical trials. Topics include: drug discovery, the clinical trials process for different products, clinical trials design, trials monitoring, as well as global and ethical questions in clinical trials.

Quality 101

Jeff Davis, Susan Leister, Ronald Kelley, and Kevin King

June 2, 2016 9 am-4 pm

June  3, 2016 9 am-2 pm

This team-taught course provides several perspectives on bhow to build quality management systems:

Building productive       Customer relations        Developing as a leader

Getting buy-in from management and peers      The process approach

The systems approach          Continual improvement practices

Factual decision-making       How to work with suppliers