Bioinformatics (Voorheis) Basics of Bioinformatics

2.5 hours

The advent of next generation sequencing and proteome analysis by mass spectroscopy has revolutionized the way that life sciences are approached in a number of different fields.  This workshop provides an introduction to purposes and methods in modern bioinformatics.

This introductory workshop outlines the shape of bioinformatics today and on the horizon. Learn how bioinformatics combines databases, algorithms, computational and statistical techniques to answer questions that one-off experiments will never be able to address.

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Current Workshops​

Building Essential Skills  Claiming Your Strengths (Balala) Play to Your Strengths

2.5 hours one day

Claiming Your Strengths starts with the identification of your key strengths- what you love to do, and your weaknesses- what you hate to do.  Strategies are then presented by which you can enhance your career by working your strengths to advantage while minimizing the impact of your weaknesses..

Business Communication (Maker)  Be an Effective Communicator in a Business Environment 

Two formats available:10 hours over 2 days; 4 hours one day

Communication is the number one challenge in almost every industry. This workshop addresses communication from an organizational and an individual perspective. Communications in business will be analyzed and methods of addressing communications challenges will be discussed. Individual habits of communication will also be analyzed and strategies for effective messaging will be presented.

Industry Career Workshops at NIH (Bethesda)

         2-hr workshops on how to transition from academics to biotechnology industry

Protein Purification

Hands-on training with a modern protein purification workstation

Saturdays September 8 and 22, 2018 
10:00 am- 3:00 pm

Pharmaceutical Operations  (Geoghegan)  The biopharmaceutical industry: how do I start, where to I fit in, how do I succeed?

10 hours over 2 days

Understanding how a biopharma works is essential to your ability to join and thrive in that environment. Benefit from the wisdom gained from a 30 year career at Pfizer.

Market-based thinking
The Patent system and the FDA
Pharmaceutical Operations
Where do I fit in?
Planning and navigating your career 

The core BIOTrain Curriculum : understanding the business and and career choices

Operating in a Regulated Environment

Managing a career in a world of regulatory affairs

Quality 101  (Leister, Kelley and King)  What everyone needs to know about quality systems

Two formats available:10 hours over 2 days; 2.5 hours over 4 days, 4 hours one day

Learn the basics of quality systems, taught by professionals certified by the American Society for Quality. Understand simple approaches to quality concepts, including

Understanding your customers
Developing as a quality leader
Benefits of a process & systems approach
Continual improvement practices
Fact based decision-making
How to work with suppliers.

Quality 101

Fundamental and vital concepts in running a quality operation

Operating in a Regulated Environment  (Chang)  Role of Regulatory Agencies in the Development Process                      

Two formats available:10 hours over 2 days; 2.5 hours over 4 days

Learn how products and services are developed within the GXP and documantation guidelines of government agencies. Contract research and the role of CROs. Career paths in project management and leadership as a whiole. What is needed for organizational sustainability. Find out how federal regulation influences the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of regulated products in the life science and health care industry.

Building Essential Skills to advance your career: understanding the business is one thing, working with people is another

At Montgomery College, Germantown

Protein Purification (Tsai or Suvarov) Hands-on protein purification with an NGC or AKTA workstation

18 hours over three days

Understand the basics of downstream protein purification. This workshop focuses on the method of protein purification using either Bio-Rad NGC or GE AKTA  instruments. Some knowledge of protein structure and function and purification methods is required.

Technical workshops

Introduction to Drug Development  (Gillespie)  What is the overall process that drives the biotechnology industry?

Two formats available:10 hours over 2 days; 4 hours one day

The biotechnology industry operates under the eye of the FDA. For the FDA, there are only two criteria of excellence: is the product safe, and is it effective. The process of developing drugs, vaccines, devices and diagnostics under FDA review involves the whole industry one way or the other, and an understanding of this process is critical to a career in the business no matter what roles you wish to play in it.
The workshop covers documentation and regulation, the roles of the sponsor, the clinical trials manager, the clinical sites, and the regulatory agencies involved. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to understand why development depends mainly on clinical trials, the players in clinical trials and what they do, and what clinical trials are designed to prove.

Building Essential Skills  High Stakes Conversations  (Balala) Be Ready for Tough Conversations

2.5 hours one day

Many conversations have significant outcomes: interviews, reviews, negotiations. Because the stakes are so high, we fear the outcome, tend to put off the conversation, and are not adequately prepared for it. This workshop defines methods for turning potentially confrontational events into constructive dialogues that accomplish the business goals.​.

All Workshops past and present​ are described below 

Saturdays August 4, 11 and 18, 2018 
9:00 am- 5:00 pm

Saturdays July 14 and 21, 2018 
10:00 am- 4:00 pm

Building Essential Skills  Basics of Negotiation (Balala) Achieve a Win-Win Outcome

2.5 hours one day

Many business interactions involve a negotiation of some kind. How the negotiations go depends on identification of your goals and limits prior to the interaction. As with every business communication, the key is planning and flexibility.

Topics, dates, times and locations to be announced  by the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education as they are scheduled during 2018

Quality 102  (Leister, Kelley and King)  How to operate efficiently in the ISO environment 

Two formats available:10 hours over 2 days; 2.5 hours over 4 days

Learn systematic approaches to quality systems management from certified professionals from the American Society for Quality. Topics include:

Process approaches
Systems design and analysis
Continuous improvement programs
Auditing from both perspectives

Building Essential Skills  Countering Stress in the Workplace (Maker) Successful people deal with the stress and come out on top

2.5 hours one day

Identify your individual symptoms of stress and work stressors. Construct a stress model for you and your environment. Learn tactics to deal with the five most common work stressors. Study a take-home compendium of 70 specific tactics to help manage stress.  Develop your own Plan to address the stressors in your life​

Building Essential Skills  Speaking in the Spotlight  (Balala) Make Your Point with Ease

2.5 hours one day

Learn how to deliver clear, concise messages without the anxiety associated with public speaking.  Proper preparation and organization ahead of time will help you make the important points in an appropriate amount of time. You will understand how to lower your anxiety and improve your delivery.​