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Glycomimetics is a fast-growing company that focuses on the glyco-structures on medical targets

Quality Biologicals is an established local manufacturing company that offers a true partnership between employees and management.

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American Society for Quality Special Interest Group ASQ509 Biomed/Biotech event hosted by Dr. C.J. George Chang, Chair, Biomed/Biotech SIG, ASQ509   

When:   Thursday evening March 1, 2018

Where:  9600 Blackwell Dr., 3rd Floor, Rockville, MD 20850  see flyer 

Seminar topic: Feeling Good - Mental Health beyond Medication

Presented by: Huixing Kate Lu, LCSW, Clinic Director, PanAsian Volunteer Health Clinic (PAVHC), CCACC and Keh-Tai Ma, PhD, MITRE Corporation.

In our culture, when we feel sick, we see a doctor for medication. However, when we feel emotionally and mentally disturbed, we often keep it private and suffer through it. When things get out of hand, we resort to psychotropic medication. Medication is a quick and stigma-free solution, but many come with side effects and often times, may not be the ultimate solution to mental wellness. In this presentation, we are proposing a holistic approach to wellbeing. We will also introduce some tips and tricks that may help destressed, and help individuals gain new perspectives. Come join us for a fun discussion.
Moving Beyond Depression – by Faith, Hope and Love
According to the report from American Medical Association, US spent $201 billion in 2016 to treating mental disorders, making it the most costly medical problems, even exceeding heart conditions ($147 billion). Mental disorders also cost life and unstable for the society/community and deep suffering for individual and family. In addition to the medical treatment, this presentation will focus on how to helping and supporting individuals and families dealing with depression from a faith based approach to bring the peace of mind, hope, love and faith to the family during these periods of time. This presentation also encourages our community leader(s) to focus on:
•       Leading the effort for assisting individuals and families dealing with depression (initial focus on awareness in the campus environment)
•       Teaming with medical professionals to establish focus groups in their local area
•       Teaming with faith based organization (e.g., local church and other non-profit organization) to promote awareness of available support for young people suffering with depression.”  

There will be a $5 cost to non-ASQ members to cover pizzas and drink. 
The driving directions to our venue are included in the event flyer.  Hope to see you there. 
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