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Our vision is a Maryland biotechnology workforce  that is second to none, and a key factor in the success of Maryland companies.

Our Vision

BIOTrain began in 2013 with an EARN grant from the State of Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (Maryland EARN). The Partnership is tasked with improving the job readiness of entry level employees and sharpening the skills of incumbent employees to fill the skills gaps that plague Maryland businesses. The objective of BIOTrain is to identify, train and qualify employees to fill needed positions in the Maryland biotechnology business sector. BIOTrain does this this by connecting with job seekers and creating unique industry-requested and lead training programs.

WorkSource Montgomery provides focal points of employment in which individual coaching and engagement enable potential employees to select an effective career strategy. BIOTrain provides materials that outline the biotechnology industry and its opportunities and works with the Worksource Montgomery staff to provide them with the tools they need to guide potential employees. 

BIOTrain also works with the Department of Commerce and our industry partners to makethe Biohealth and Life Sciences website the internet hub of employment  information. 

BIOTrain workshops address the needs identified by our industry partners. The core BIOTrain curriculum provides the desired skills identified by biotechnology partners: Business Communication, Introduction to Drug Development, Quality101, Quality102, Operating in a Regulated Environment and Pharmaceutical Operations. The Building Essential Skills program provides critical skills needed to succeed in any industry. Some training in technical areas (Protein Purification and Bioinformatics) are intended for particular career paths.

Through these approaches, BIOTrain seeks to improve the ability of job seekers to find gainful employment in biotechnology and to improve the capabilities of those employees already in the biotechnology industry in Maryland.

Montgomery College

Our industry partners lead the way by identifying the training needs that will move the industry forward.

Our nonprofit and government partners help to connect job seekers and employers.

Our training partners provide the training that is called for by the industry.


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